First Resume to First Job by Marlene Cole

First Resume to First Job

How do you get a job when you don't have a resume or any experience?

It's easy!
This revolutionary resume writing and job search course helps students get that first job fast!

Struggling to write your resume or get your first job?

Maybe you don't know where to start!

I know it can seem hard... You have ‘no experience’ but how do you get experience?

It was easier in the days before technology, to get a job after school - especially when I got my first job.

A friend of my family owned a cattery (yep, I cleaned out smelly 😹 cages over school holidays) and that first payday came - I had enough money to make my very own purchase…

A purse 💰 to put my money in – but I’d spent my entire pay and had no cash to put in it – I needed more!

The second job I scored was at the local weekend market working in the takeaway food van. This allowed me to eat lots of 🍩 and 🍟 + save more money and buy a 🚲 to get to work.

I was on my way – I had real work experience!

Today, technology is a barrier...

but if you share your experience, know what job, understand the job search, and write an awesome resume... it's as easy as... 1, 2, 3, 4

"Just get a job!"

...they say - but it’s hard! 

Maybe you want part-time work, after school or over the holidays, maybe an apprenticeship or traineeship - but you're stuck with one of these 4 issues:

  • What do you put on a resume if you don’t have any experience or even good grades - what?
  • You have a resume but it’s just a standard template starting with your education, and it looks the same as everyone else in the class - how do you stand out?
  • You take your resume into a business and they say go online to apply then you don’t hear anything - did they read it?
  • You have no idea what to do - where do you even start looking for a job or writing your resume?

chicken or the egg?

What comes first? 
Do you need a resume to get work experience, or do you need work experience to write your resume?

Worse still – if you leave writing your resume and applying for jobs until you finish high school or graduation, the competition is going to be some much harder!

Once you are qualified, employers expect to see some type of work experience and transferable skills… you don’t want to miss out on scoring your first career job because another graduate had a part-time job after school at McDonald’s, do you?

Resume templates don’t work…

I have to be candid. Even though resume writing is taught at school, old-style resume formats are being used and they don’t work with today’s technology.

A resume has one job – one job only – and that’s not to get a job!
A resume’s job is to get the reader to pick up the phone and call you… that’s it!

So your resume’s job is to get an interview!

Fast-tracking your way to gaining your first job and earning 💲💲 has nothing to do with ‘not having experience’ - it has everything to do with: 
  •  sharing your stories of team work, communication, problem-solving, and more,
  • knowing where to start searching for jobs, then
  • writing and formatting your achievement-based resume.
After years of mastering the art of resume writing and job searching, I have guided many first-time job seekers to create a resume and job search strategy that work!

Winner winner... chicken dinner!

My son scored his first job at the local pizza shop at 14 yrs old and my daughter was 15 when her first resume landed a kitchen hand job at a busy CBD café.
How did they do it?
  • Creating value with life experiences,
  • a clear pathway to find the right job, 
  • the confidence and clarity.
It’s empowering watching young people succeed in getting their first job, people ask:

“what’s the secret?”

It may seem like a simple thing, but I can honestly say that using technology to create the right type of resume and job search strategies to find a job changed my life!

And if you’ve ever been frustrated with where to start, or you've grabbed a template and put basic information in, or dropped your resume off to heaps of places, or uploaded it and waited… but nothing ever happens – then this can change your life too!

Are you ready to create your first resume to get your first job?

Step 1

We start with finding what experience you have - you will be surprised... there is lots!

Step 2

It's time to think about what jobs you do AND don't want to do!

Step 3

Research and job search strategy helps find keywords for your resume development.

Step 4

Bringing everything together creates a unique first resume and interview confidence!

What's included?

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welcome to your 'First Job' resume
2 mins
what is a resume?
498 KB
key resume elements
572 KB
do I have experience?
what experience?
5 mins
experience worksheet
33.5 KB
storytelling time
8 mins
storytelling worksheet
26.7 KB
story achievements
6 mins
story achievements - sample
986 KB
what job do I want?
What job?
3 mins
entry-level job ideas
35.8 KB
6 mins
3 mins
4 mins
3 mins
7 mins
career quiz
the job search
job search intro
6 mins
social media
5 mins
job boards
6 mins
6 mins
career website links
28.8 KB
what are keywords?
665 KB
keywords - retail
11 mins
keywords - hospitality/trades
11 mins
keywords quiz
keyword industry list
28.4 KB
resume intro
2 mins
personal details & headline
12 mins
7 mins
experience layout
10 mins
bullet points
10 mins
bullet points guide
232 KB
additional info
9 mins
summary guide
33.9 KB
referee list
632 KB
format fun
16 mins
bonus stuff
job search tracker
421 KB
referee tracker
632 KB
resume drop tracker
32.7 KB
be the boss
587 KB


I want a resume/job fast, how long will this process take?

These four sessions take between 1 to 2 hours each to work through so roughly about 6-8 hours. 

It also depends on how much work you put into each section - the more work you put in, the more successful your resume and job search will be.

I DON'T have ANY experience at all, will this work?

You do - you really do have experience and this will work if you follow the process! 

I've worked with the toughest and the quietest 14 years olds upwards. Parents, carers, and teachers said they had no experience, some were really shy and never leave their bedroom... but they were all surprised at what experience can be used on your first resume!

Why can't I just use a resume template or copy a sample?

Because you are unique and this first resume is very different to the one you will create once you have your first job!
  • Most templates don't work with online application processes, the applicant tracking systems can't read them and this is why most people don't hear anything after they apply.
  • Your experience, stories and targeted job search is different to everyone else.
  • When you learn this process, you will find it easy to 'sell' your strengths and you will be more confident with the interview process too.

Sounds like homework, why do I have to do so much work?

Really! It's called work for a reason - homework doesn't put cash in your pocket, unless you are charging another student to do theirs!  

Time spent on this process is going to give you confidence in an interview; the know-how to find a job; and save time getting that first job - it's priceless.

What happens if I get stuck?

I'm here to help! You can send me a message or book a chat to dive deep with my help.
You've got this - I'm also available for resume reviews once you have finished as well as interview coaching.

I'm a teacher, can I share this in my classroom?

You sure can BUT we need to talk! This one off course purchase is for individuals only and cannot be distributed within the school. 

Discounted group purchases are available. Each student receives with their own personal login access; plus an introductory presentation and teacher support are available. Reach out:

"I got my first job by exceeding expectations"

My Grade 6 teacher told mum I'd be lucky to be a checkout chick - nothing wrong with that - but then my Year 12 teacher said I was going to fail... so I quit and got a job! I went on to manage recruitment agencies! 

I'm Marlene, an award-winning career coach and I'm really good at creating resumes - check out Resumes for Dummies - so good I won 3 International Toast of Resume Industry (TORI) Awards, which is really hard to do - I'm here to help you to exceed expectations too


Marlene generously worked with me to better support my students in writing a CV. Her guidance ensured the students had the best chance to transition into employment.
Kylie T, Teacher NZ
After my resume was finished, I applied online for 7 jobs and got 3 replies - KFC rang within 24hrs and I now have my first job. Before this, I was not confident at all on how to write my resume or even apply for a job and I would have copied a friend's resume template.
Daly K, Yr 9
Marlene has worked with students and teachers at local SA schools to help students understand how important personal branding is and how social media can be utilised to find employment. 
Marlene uses the art of storytelling to connect students to stories of their own. More than just a resume workshop, Marlene inspires young people to understand and articulate their personal career journey. 
Rachel S, Teacher SA