Career Storytelling by Marlene Cole

Career Storytelling

Before writing your resume, explore your stories

Is your resume working?

Your resume has one job, one job only... and that's not to get a job!

Your resume needs to sizzle?

Your resume's 'job' is to get them to pick up the phone and call you... that's it. If it's not doing that, it's not working for your career.

It's hard to get a job

so many people say. It's so competitive. You apply online and wait... apply for a few more jobs... and wait... the cycle seems endless.

If only you could just get an interview, you'd be able to share how great a worker you are - what you offer - share those great stories where you went above and beyond.

You may be applying for jobs and hearing nothing at all?

Did they even read your resume?

Maybe you got a 'thanks, but no thanks' or 'we'll keep you on the database if anything suitable comes up' - all signs your resume isn't working!

The recruitment system is broken and most job seekers don't get interviews because they have outdated resumes created on a template that don't work anymore.

One jobseeker I met had applied for 556 jobs in a year and thought he was doing well with 20 interview!

Your resume is a marketing tool - to sell you above others who are equally qualified/experienced. It should be getting them to pick up the phone and ring you.

When you're ready to change careers, desperate for a job, or you just want to create a resume now - it seems counter-productive to STOP and write out stories first, doesn't it?

But to understand the value we offer the reader, it's so important to explore your career and create an inventory, and write down your career stories.

Learn the 5 key elements a resume must-have in today's market to sizzle and work for your career.

Maybe you just go to work and do your job.. nothing special really! But there are highlights, times where everything was going wrong, maybe something awesome happened because of what you did?

Think of the 'day from hell', or a story that relates to the career direction you want to head in. Add numbers, dive deep to quantify the story - how did you save time, money, or overcome the situation.

These are just a starting point to gain a better insight into yourself - to see what situations you have been in and how you overcame them.

If you struggle with finding your stories or you have completed the worksheets and want to take the next step in your career - maybe it's time for a career breakthrough session?

Wishing you all the best in your career.

Joyfully, Marlene ☺️

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